Altura Vigneto - Francesco Carfagna

Francesco Carfagna

Isola del Giglio – Toscana

Perched on a hill beneath the Castle of Giglio, the Carfagna family live in a disused windmill with expansive views of the Mediterranean, Elba, Corsica and the Tuscan mainland. Their vines, practically the last remaining on an island that was once renowned for its wines, struggle out of the steep, sun baked, rocky slopes that lead down to the sea. Their wines are as breathtaking as the views: skin macerated Ansonaco, Rosseto a sangoivese made from grapes from a friend in the Maremma and Rosso Saverio a heady mix of Tuscan grapes - Sangiovese, Grenache, Canaiolo Nero, Moscato Nero (Moscatellino-Moscatellone), Malvasia, Trebbiano Nero, Aleatico, Uva di Spagna, Corinto Nero, Empolo. There are tiny quantitites so try them now before we drink it all.

H.L. August 2017