Eric pfifferling – Domaine l'Anglore

Eric Pfifferling

Tavel - Languedoc

Eric used to be a beekeeper and sold the grapes from his 4 hectare vineyard to the local cooperative; the vines had originally been bought by his grandmother. In the early 2000s he decided to start making wine himself, a decision to be grateful for, and bought an additional 3 hectares.

Eric’s vineyards of very old vines are on the western side of the Rhône – most are co-planted with different varieties. The soil here is much like that in Châteauneuf du Pape on the other bank – red clay, sand and the famous galets. Tavel is known for its rosés but the majority have been made in an industrial way for many years – Eric is one of the only people working without chemicals in the vineyard and the only person not using them in the cellar. Consequently the wines have a real purity and depth that makes them some of the most sought after bottles.