Fabio gea

Fabio Gea

Bricco di Nieve - Piemonte

The Barbaresco area of Piemonte is one dominated by relatively intensive vine growing and uninteresting, oak dominated wine making. Here, just outside Neive, Fabio Gea has started to do something really special. With just one hectare of vines inherited from his grandfather, Fabio is farming and making wine in a way that is in stark contrast to the bulk of his neighbours and follows the true tradition of the area and in particular of his Nòtu - respecting the land and the vine.

Fabio, a former geologist, says that in his grandfather's time the vineyards were planted with nearly 200 different varieties, hard to imagine in an area that now worships at the altar of Nebbiolo. Of those some 200 varieties all that are left are Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera and some Grignolino. The vines are co planted with fruit trees and Fabio treats the vines with only small amounts of copper and sulphur, along with plant based remedies. In the cellar Fabio does use wood but focuses more on his experiments with porcelain vessels (of which he is the designer), glass demijohns and earthenware. His wines are charged and intense whether the more classic expressions of Nebbiolo or his vibrant Grignolino. To complete the package the wines are labelled with handmade paper and numbered in pencil.