Aleks Klinec

Medana - Brda - Slovenia

The Brda-Collio region in Slovenia's far west is an area of gently rolling hills, occupied by picturesque villages and dotted with small churches, it borders the Gorizia plains to the east and rises from the Italian Friuli plains to the Korada ridge in the north. The soil here consists of marl and sandstone in alternations. Since the hills are prone to erosion, most of the vineyards are terraced forming an “amphitheatre” that opens towards the Adriatic to take full advantage of the sunshine and the benefits of the sea - this creates a climate in which figs, peaches and olives thrive.

The Klinec family have been making wine here since 1918. Today, Aleks and Simona cultivate about 6 hectares, growing a wide variety of grapes respecting the rules of biodynamic farming. The interaction between climate and soil, plus diligent cultivation produces grapes of outstanding quality. They work hard to transfer the best from these grapes to the wine. The fermentation process starts naturally and the wines mature in traditional cherry, acacia, mulberry and oak barrels. The use of wood other than oak is one of the distinctive characteristics of Klinec’s wine – the cherry, acacia and mulberry give a subtlety of flavour that is very different. The most striking thing we find every vintage is the rigid backbone of salty minerality that dominate Aleks’ wines.